Letters to the editor (6/26/12)

June 25, 2012 

'Can't' is one thing -- but we have far too many who 'won't'

Re Ms. Harper's thought about the state providing dental care (Letters, June 19). Sorry, can't agree. This country already has more than a generation of people who think the taxpayers/government are a bottomless well, put here to take care of them just because they are "entitled."

Can't is one thing. Won't is another. We have all too many who won't.

Well over six-figure incomes are par for dentists. And this usually working a three- or four-day week. Dentists have you by the throat. You don't like what they charge, take a plane to the Lower 48 and get the work done.

It's their market and they milk it for all it's worth. Don't look for conscience or honor when it comes to pricing in Alaska. The fact you have no choice but to "take a plane" if you don't like the cost, is played to the hilt by all too many. Sadly, this attitude is not confined to dentists. But, they are glaring example of "whatever the market will bear."

-- Madelene Caselli


Patkotak views are welcome

Regarding the letter by Ann Williams, who was "insulted" by Elise Patkotak's column.

I don't care for hyperbole either, and suggesting that Ms. Williams' rights (beliefs) are violated when a mandate gives me the freedom to make a decision for myself, is a good example of the same. Does this mandate force her to make choices she doesn't believe in? Or is she incensed that it allows me to make them?

Suggesting that some other party needs to "teach us (women) to understand and control our bodies" is insulting to me, and asserting that the ability to make my own choices is "slavery" ludicrous. Slaves have no choices. A person who does is not a slave, even though one may be outraged at the choices they make.

As for vulgarity, anyone here who understands her own body is well aware that the word "hymen" is a clinical Latin term for a part of the human body. It is no more a vulgarity than the word "spleen." If Ms. Williams find this "degrading" to hear, then she is the one who needs the education, not me.

Thanks to Ms. Patkotak again for speaking up for me and my daughter, and all daughters out there who are intelligent and thoughtful enough to make their own decisions.

-- Donna Braendel


One boater who needs training

Saturday evening, June 23, I heard you coming, muttering concerned expletives. You came into view just below the Campbell Creek railroad trestle.

You were clearly not in control of your pontoon boat. You tried to miss a sweeper, and failed. You suffered a vigorous thrashing then careened into the bank where you opted to leap ashore. You looked over your shoulder to watch your boat continue downstream without you, then ran off through the woods in your soaking wet red T-shirt and blue jeans feebly crying, "Help, help, Dad!"

You were not wearing a PFD. You were not wearing a helmet. You were clearly inexperienced. You got lucky. You are still alive. I hope you got your boat back. I hope you make the time to become familiar with your boat, in a pond, before you next try to navigate a narrow creek in its high volume, fast moving, muddy flood.

-- Stephen Stewart


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