Match play heats up

July 7, 2012 

The 2012 State Match Play Championship wraps at Eagleglen Golf Course on Sunday, with titles contested in the men's, senior men's and women's divisions.

Play begins in the morning and concludes with afternoon championship matches, which means the final pairings -- depending on the length of matches, since match play can go shorter or longer than 18 holes -- could feature golfers who play 36 holes or more.

The men's and senior's finals are set for 1:04 p.m.

Following are results from Saturday's play.

2012 State Match Play Championships

At Eagleglen Golf Course

Saturday's matches

Senior men -- Benji Sumalong d. Rene Alvarez, 1-up 20 holes; Rick Broyles d. Curtis James, 1-up; Walter Johnson d. Gordon Franke, 1-up 20 holes; Ronald Perry d. Gerald Crocker, 3 and 2.

Men -- Chris Morin d. Greg Sanders, 1-up; Michael Oldenkamp d. Tim Ruf, withdraw; Luke Blum d. Joe Rafson, 3 and 2; Chad Isaacs d. Michael Shamburger, 1-up; Blaine Moores d. Ernest Daniels 4 and 3; Scott Woodland d. Nathan Carr, 3 and 2; Will Woodland d. Jeremy Peters, 1-up.

Women -- Rynae Baca d. Madison Baca, 3 and 2; Terri McAngus d. Rose Pelletier 4 and 3; Susan Gatewood d. Laura Walsh, 4 and 3; Melody Milliken d. Tokoyo Hawkins, 1-up.

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