Bering Strait watercraft crossing ends in confrontation with Russian soldiers

July 12, 2012 

Adventurers crossing the Bering Strait from Alaska -- and being filmed for a reality TV show -- ran into trouble this week when they reached the shore of a Russian region that's a prohibited military zone. The New York Times reports that though the six adventurers had proper travel documents, they were detained for four days and had to scrap plans to continue down the Asian coast as far as Taiwan.

What was planned as a well-scripted stunt for the reality show "Dangerous Waters" hit a snag when the headlights from the watercraft sent Russian border agents into high alert. Much of the Russian coastal region is designated as a prohibited military zone.

"The Russian guards were just as surprised as they were," said Chad Dalbec, the team's media manager, who received text messages and video updates from Mr. Moll during the detention. "They saw the headlights from the Sea-Doo coming up on the beach, and then the tank rolled up with the border guards."

Read more at The New York Times: Journey by Sea Takes Awkward Turn in Russia

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