Discarded cats don't fare well

July 21, 2012 

I am sick and tired of people who get cats and for whatever reason abandon them when they move.

I live at The Club apartments on Lake Otis and have seen it numerous times. People think that these cats will fare well on their own. They don't. At one point I was feeding up to six feral cats a day. I have fed cats for the 10 years I've been here. Given the state of the economy, I expect another batch this winter.

If you domesticate an animal and take away its ability to survive on its own, then you ought to feed it for the rest of its life, or at least take a week out of your selfish life and find a responsible home. Some cry at night, are cold, starving, matted, shivering. It's pathetic.

Animals are a part of God's creation. Some respect for their little lives ought to be in the mix of everyone's credo. Please don't get pets and throw them away later. They are not toys.

Pearl Nestor


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