Found ballots change election count slightly

Anchorage Daily NewsJuly 26, 2012 

The city counted the newly discovered ballots from the April election on Thursday, and the result was a tiny change in numbers but no change in any outcome. The 141 previously uncounted ballots were discovered in sealed bags July 11, adding to the embarrassment of city officials who already were facing sharp criticism over irregularities, including massive ballot shortages. But by the time the ballots were found, they wouldn't have affected any race -- the closest contests were still decided by thousands of votes. No other ballots have been found since then, said newly appointed City Clerk Barbara Jones, in office about three weeks.

The hand count of the 141 ballots gave Mayor Dan Sullivan an additional 80 votes and loser Paul Honeman 54 extra votes. Proposition 5, the failed equal rights measure, gained 55 new yes votes and 86 new no votes.

Jones said the city elections commission will convene Aug. 2 to formally canvas the votes and deliver the final tally for an election held April 3.

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