Opetaia wins main event

Anchorage Daily News
July 27, 2012 

Anatelea Opetaia won the main event at Thursday Night at The Fights at the Egan Center, knocking out Steven Waalks in the first round. Weighing in at 320 pounds, Laumiua Leso won the heavyweight fight, defeating Will Platzek (280) by a third-round decision.

Thursday Night at The Fights

Preston Endo Lie, 225 pounds, d. Alton Schwenter, 200, third-round TKO; Nick Deveny, 160, d. Jason Birmingham, 183, third-round TKO; Antonio Lechuga, 160, d. Juan Chavez, 167, third-round decision; Joseph Wingate, 220, d. Nathaniel Alex, 190, third-round decision; Josh Tidwell, 275, d. Rick Noggle, 250, third-round decision; Laumiua Leso, 320, d. Will Platzek, 280, third-round decision. Main event -- Anatelea Opetaia, 250, d. Steven Waalks, 225, first-round KO.

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