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ByJuly 28, 2012 

Mayor Dan Sullivan walks the runway at the Clare to Clare Fashion show, July 2012.


WALKING IT OFF . . . Mayor Dan Sullivan strutted his stuff for charity Thursday night at the Dena'ina Center. The mayor showed off classic Alaska summer fashion (write your own joke) to raise money for Catholic Social Services' Clare House, an emergency shelter for homeless women with children. The Clare to Clare fashion show is an annual event.

HIS TURN, SORT OF . . . Set your TiVo, darlings. A new Palin is starring in a reality show scheduled to air Aug. 13. Now don't be rude. This is Palin clan daddy Todd, who until now has been refreshingly absent from our home screens.

He and Sarah appeared Tuesday at a Beverly Hills poolside cocktail party (la-di-dah) promoting NBC's new season. Todd is one of eight "stars" paired with military personnel and first responders who try to make money for charities by completing tough tasks. It's called "Stars Earn Stripes."

Reports say more media clustered around Sarah than anyone else there, including Matthew Perry (gasp). She "looked all Hollywood glam in her Oakley sunglasses and strappy black pumps," said one online story.

The monkey from "Animal Practice" reportedly drew the second-biggest crowd

A QUESTION . . . Is former legislator Tom Anderson, now a radio talk show host, really inviting his "friends" to "like" his new page, "Lesil McGuire for Alaska State Senate"?

As earwigs will recall, Tom was one of Lesil's husbands. When they got divorced, they filed the case in Palmer, hoping no one would notice.

So why is he promoting his ex?

"I offered to help with social media because I'm good at it," he said in an email. And, according to Tom, Lesil has hired Joy Bunde for "Facebook help" even though her father, former Sen. Con Bunde, hosted a fundraiser for Lesil's opponent, Jeff Landfield.

Ear finds all this friendly togetherness mildly depressing.

NO MORE LEG HAIR? . . . Libby Casey, until recently the Washington voice of the Alaska Public Radio Network, has been named one of the 50 most beautiful people on "the hill," meaning the place where Congress gets together in D.C. The naming was done by staffers of The Hill, a daily congressional newspaper.

Two other Alaskans are on the list. No. 5 is Warren Wright, a U.S. Coast Guard pilot recently stationed in Kodiak but now a "military fellow" for Lisa Murkowski.

Mary Hiratsuka, No. 18, is an actual born-Alaskan. She's from Dillingham and works for Don Young, though she's headed to NYC, where she has a fiancé and a job in finance.

Ear has no idea what this list means, if anything. Libby is No. 30.

No. 1 is a male ex-model. A Kardashian look-alike is No. 2. Michele Bachmann is No. 10. (You'll have to check the rest yourself. Ear got bored).

Anyhow, when Libby left Alaska four years ago, she was smart, nice and very Fairbanksan. (She bragged to a D.C. reporter about winning hairy-leg contests). But since becoming a star at C-Span, she's accepted makeover advice from friends who staged "clothing interventions to make her look more lower-48," according to The Hill story.

Ear is just a tad ticked off. Was that really necessary? We're as fashionable as anyone else (see above photo of Mayor Sullivan).

And by the way, everyone knows leg hair doesn't show unless your Carhartts are too short.

DO SEND A FONDU . . . to Channel 4/13 news director Lori Tipton and Bob Lester -- yes, she married that Bob Lester, of radio's Bob & Mark.

And she seems like such a nice person. Go figure.

OK, seriously: Friends report they wed Tuesday at Our Lady of the Snows Chapel in Girdwood, followed by a fun party in the Hotel Alyeska. Vince Beltrami and Bob's sons were groomsmen. And "three babes" were bridesmaids (that was Vince's description).

Earwigs report Lori was late so Bob texted her from the altar and suggested she get a move on.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD . . . as we know it, Poppy Marie William Hopkins, second daughter for Channel 2 newsbabe Rebecca Palsha and Daily News reporter/editor Kyle Hopkins.

Poppy arrived July 20 at Providence. She joins sister Alice. Poppy Hopkins -- is that a great name or what?

KUDOS, OR CRAZY . . . You saw the news stories about those crazy people hanging by ropes 14 stories in the air off the JL Tower in Midtown, right? Apparently it wasn't a mass suicide attempt. It's called rappelling, by appendages who go outdoors unnecessarily, and it was for charity.

Earwigs report Carol Ashlock, owner of Here and Now Productions, raised more than $10,000 for the YMCA. (She's a longtime board member). Ear thinks Carol should examine the motives of people who make her jump off buildings for a donation. Are any of them in her will?

WELCOME HOME . . . Archbishop Frank Hurley is back in town, still recovering from a fall he took in San Francisco but well enough to say Mass at the St. Elias recovery hospital.

OUT AND ABOUT . . . Earwigs report a garden party for the Alaska Native Heritage Center Thursday night broke records by scooping up $188,000 in donations from a disparate group of supporters that included Ernie Hall, John Shively, Arliss Sturgulewski, John Baker, Sheri Buretta, Jake Lestankof, Jon Rubini, Wally Hickel Jr., Carol Schatz, Linda Leary, ad infinitum.

WE LOVE TOURISTS . . . This question by a visitor to Seward got to Ear third-hand from a tourism guide.

"Can you tell me where the glacier is? I saw several Exit Glacier signs, but I couldn't find the Entrance Glacier sign."

ALASKANS ARE GOOD TOO . . . You think you're sick of the Middle East, the European monetary crisis and our elections? A reporter for the Peninsula Clarion shared with Twits the following letter to the editor, presumably from a child:

"Please stop giveing boring noows I would like beternoows!!! :)

The return address was Soldotna but it was postmarked Anchorage.

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