August 3, 2012 

General telephone inquiries

Anchorage: 907-257-4200
Outside Anchorage, toll free:800-478-4200
Sports toll free: 800-297-4335

General office hours

Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Fax numbers

Business Office Fax 907-279-7579
Publisher & President Fax 907-257-4544
Advertising Classified Fax 907-279-8170
Advertisting MatSu Fax 907-352-6733
Advertisting Retail Fax 907-257-4246
Circulation Anchorage Fax 907-257-4523
Circulation MatSu Fax 907-352-6733
Production Fax 907-278-2013
IT Fax 907-279-7579
Commercial Print Fax 907-257-4598
Editorial Anchorage Fax 907-258-2157
Editorial MatSu Fax 907-352-6736
Editorial Sports Fax 907-257-4342
Interactive Media Fax 907-258-2157


Publisher & President Pat Doyle 907-257-4210
Administrative Assistant Sirila Misa 907-257-4456
VP Finance Jerry Hug 907-257-4219
Sr Financial Acct Clerk Angela Simmons 907-257-4558
Business Rcv Syst Spec Cindy Grove 907-257-4475
Advertising Accounting Elisa Mitchell 907-257-4224
Credit Manager Maria Hammond 907-257-4226
Director of Human Resources Jacquelyn B. Hoflich 907-257-4275


V.P. Advertising Marti Buscaglia 907-257-4504
Classified Adv Manager Toyia Del Valle TDel 907-257-4406
Retail Adv Manager Kyle Rogers 907-257-4324
Online General Manager Kea Cuaresma 907-257-4458
Account Exec-Auto Nick Humphreys 907-257-4428
Account Exec-Kenai Linda Smith 907-260-1948
Account Exec-Mat-Su Brent Zoellner 907-352-6705
Account Exec-Real Estate David Nolen 907-257-4237
Account Executive Cyndi Ramirez 907-257-4430
Account Executive Ryan Estrada 907-257-4244
Account Executive Mae Good 907-257-4313
Account Executive Brandi Nelson 907-257-4221
Account Executive Erika Watsjold 907-257-4293
Account Executive - Special Sections Mary Fairbanks 907-257-4247
Courier Arnie Westfall 907-257-4270
Graphic Design Mgr Michael Oldroyd 907-257-4265
Graphic Designer Lonnie Burgener 907-257-4295
Graphic Designer Steve Mashburn 907-257-4425
Graphic Designer Cathy Rhodes 907-257-4203
Inside Sales Rep Joleesa Stepetin 907-257-4506
Inside Sales Rep Kayla Lavea 907-257-4283
Inside Sales-Employment Dana Boyd 907-257-4234
Inside Sales-Employment Emma Dunlap 907-257-4433
Inside Sales-Employment Leesa Little 907-257-4423
Account Executive - National Preprints Lindsay Mayes 907-257-4284
Layout Coordinator Kelly Lewis 907-257-4290
Sales Assistant Britney Thompson 907-257-4286
Sales Assistant Jamie Lockman 907-257-4262
Sales Assistant Lisa Robinson 907-257-4294
Sales Assistant Sarah Jennett 907-257-4580
Sales Assistant Nina Wladkowski 907-257-4231
Sales Assistant Michelle Williams 907-257-4240
Sales Assistant-Kenai Katie Cronce 907-260-5215
Sales Assistant-Mat-Su Cristina Jones 907-352-6723
Special Section Editor Aili Peyton 907-257-4245
Special Sections Coordinator Viki Spiroska 907-257-4575

Subscriber Services

Circulation Director Roger Weinfurter 907-257-4388
Administrative Manager Eva Andruss 907-257-4573
Single Copy Sales Mgr Mark Wasser 907-257-4387
Home Delivery Manager Stephen Manwiller 907-257-4354


Operations Director Ken Carter 907-257-4366
Administrative Assistant Kathy Sain 907-257-4358
Building Superintendent Benjamin Moyer 907-257-4553
Lead Operator-PC Jon Hodge 907-257-4517
Lead Operator-PC Lynnette Werel 907-257-4516
Lead Operator-Press Larry Severson 907-257-4427
Loading Dock John Friese 907-257-4517
Loading Dock Suzie Smulski 907-257-4517
Maintenance Supervisor Craig Blake 907-257-4532
Operator-PC David Luna 907-257-4517
Operator-PC Robert Hays 907-257-4517
Packaging Center Supv Stephen Sutton 907-257-4517
Prepress Operator Brock Oldroyd 907-257-4362
Prepress Operator Jerry Riddle 907-257-4362
Prepress Operator Kevin Stevenson 907-257-4362
Prepress Operator Leonard Yancey 907-257-4362
Press Operator John Troy 907-257-4427
Press Operator Ken Kullberg 907-257-4427
Press Supervisor Gray Morris 907-257-4427
Press Supervisor Steve Stanley 907-257-4287
Warehouse Coordinator Dakota Hooper 907-257-4531

Information Technology

NW Regional Director Jerry Allen
Administrative Assistant Sirila Misa 907-257-4456
System Analyst Dorin Del Alba DDel 907-257-4432
Network Support Analyst Anthony Walker 907-257-4201

Commercial Print

Production Supervisor Derk Inga 907-257-4213
Project Coordinator Anne Estes 907-257-4409
Project Coordinator Sandy Ryan 907-257-4217


Senior VP and Editor Pat Dougherty 907-257-4303
Newsroom Office Mgr Joy Guest 907-257-4315
Assistant Managing Editor-News David Hulen 907-257-4596
Copy Desk Chief Mike Lewis 907-257-4356
Copy Editor Jeff Rigby 907-257-4326
Copy Editor Egan Millard 907-257-4356
Copy Editor Linda Billington 907-257-4356
Copy Editor Mark Dent 907-257-4319
Copy Editor Matt Sartwell 907-257-4368
Copy Editor Mike Jakiemiec 907-257-4356
Copy Editor Chris Bieri 907-257-4356
Copy Editor Terry Carr 907-257-4356
Copy Paginator Jackie Kimbrell 907-257-4356
Editorial Writer Frank Gerjevic 907-257-4308
Newsroom Art Supervisor Kevin Powell 907-257-4447
Newsroom Designer Pam Dunlap-Shohl 907-257-4448
Night Web Editor Hans Hallinen 907-257-4356
Photo Editor Anne Raup 907-257-4467
Photographer Bill Roth 907-257-4331
Photographer Bob Hallinen 907-257-4331
Photographer Erik Hill 907-257-4331
Photographer Marc Lester 907-257-4331
Metro Projects Editor Rich Mauer 907-257-4345
Metro Columnist Julia O'Malley JO' 907-257-4591
Metro Reporter Kyle Hopkins 907-257-4334
Metro Reporter Lisa Demer 907-257-4390
Metro Reporter Michelle Theriault 907-257-4344
Metro Reporter Nathaniel Herz 907-257-4311
Metro Reporter Casey Grove 907-257-4589
Metro Reporter Zaz Hollander 907-257-4317
Metro Reporter Tegan Hanlon 907-257-4589
Metro Reporter Devin Kelly 907-257-4314
Features/Play Editor Victoria Barber 907-257-4328
Play Calendar & Chief Editorial Assistant Kathleen Macknicki 907-257-4452
Play & Arts & Entertainment Reporter Mike Dunham 907-257-4332
Sports Copy Desk Chief Andrew Bentz 907-257-4336
Sports Copy Editor Casey Brogan 907-257-4336
Sports Copy Editor John Sweeney 907-257-4356
Sports Editor Beth Bragg 907-257-4335
Sports Reporter/Clerk Mike Nesper 907-257-4335
Sports Reporter Doyle Woody 907-257-4335
Systems Editor Mary Steiert 907-257-4565


Online General Manager Kea Cuaresma 907-257-4458
Interactive Ad Operations Mack Reynolds 907-257-4266
Interactive Adv Exec Linda Gutierrez 907-257-4221
Dealsaver Chris Gerace 907-257-4313
Web Designer Stephen Kruschwitz 907-257-4257

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