Letters to the editor (8/15/12)

August 14, 2012 


Rich Americans pay more tax

Network news recently reported that Mitt Romney reported earnings of $20 million last year and paid 14 percent in taxes, or $2.8 million. A person who makes $100,000 per year and pays 14 percent in taxes pays $14,000 in taxes. Who pays more taxes? Romney or the other guys?

President Barack Obama is trying to convince us that wealthy Americans pay less in taxes than the rest of us when in fact they pay more. The percentage is less but the dollars are more. All of us who pay taxes send dollars to the U.S. Treasury, not percentages. That is just one of the flaws in Obama's thinking.

If Obama doesn't like the percentage, then change the tax law so that we all pay the same percentage regardless of dollars earned. But quit demonizing the wealthy because they are wealthy. Making a lot of money is not a crime in America. Quit trying to make it one.

-- Bob Lewis


Where's the Christian outrage over not feeding hungry kids?

So where are all the Christians who voted against Proposition 5? How come you aren't standing with the School Board's decision to feed more children, writing letters to the editor in favor? Saying yes, these children need to be fed. Doesn't your Bible tell you to feed the hungry? Instead the only letters I've seen so far are against the plan, including one of the School Board members.

You think these parents want to send their child to school hungry. Some schools Outside are even sending children home on weekends with backpacks that have food in them because they know that the child isn't the only one in the family experiencing hunger. God doesn't say feed the hungry but not the addicts nor the alcoholics.

Let's punish the children for having parents who are addicts -- while we are at it, why don't we exclude children who have gay parents, or children who only have one parent. Who else shall we exclude? These are our children, can't we at least feed them?!

-- Cameron Bonham


Adams' service remembered

I am surprised and saddened to learn that former state Sen. Al Adams has passed away. He will always be remembered for his public service and the former Senate district he represented so well from Hooper Bay, lower Yukon villages and all the way to the North Slope region.

My prayers and condolences go to his immediate family, his relatives and the people of Kotzebue.

-- Homer Hunter Jr.

Scammon Bay

Government name change won't make rights abuses just vanish

William J. Broad's Aug. 11 story about Sister Megan Rice's arrest for breaking into a government nuclear facility is -- in one respect -- misleading.

Broad wrote the School of the Americas, where Rice was arrested in 1998, "has since been closed."

That may be officially true, but Broad's story failed to point out the government now has created the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, which carries on the function of the SOA, whose graduates have been linked to widespread human rights abuses, including the rapes and murders of four American church women.

-- Geoff Kennedy


Is GOP stifling voter turnout?

My vote was not counted in the last municipal election. I just received a letter from the Division of Elections noting that I did not fill out the questioned ballot street address, and now the Division of Elections wants to clarify my address. Too bad the Division of Elections was not concerned about my vote not being counted.

My question is this: Are Mead Treadwell and the Republican Party attempting to disenfranchise voters who might vote for Proposition 2? The national Republican Party is actively engaging in voter suppression, despite no evidence of voter fraud. So much for democracy in Alaska.

-- Jed Whittaker


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