11-year-old Borneman leads Seward silver derby

sports@adn.comAugust 14, 2012 

Tristan Borneman, an 11-year-old from Anchorage, leads the 57th Seward Silver Salmon Derby with the 15.71-pounder he caught Saturday on the opening day of the nine-day derby, which wraps Sunday.

The derby winners earns $10,000, with $5,000 for second place and $2,500 for third place.

Roger Grotn stands second with a 15.37-pounder and Jennifer Hemera is third with a 14.79-pounder. In fourth place is Joann Pfisterer (13.86) and fifth place belongs to Star McCloud (13.81).


Moore, Brown win

Ian Moore won the men's long course by more than eight minutes over Trond Flagstad and Ellyn Brown was the only woman to complete the long course in the Long Mountain-O orienteering meet Sunday in Chugach State Park.

Moore completed the 11-kilometer course, which featured 10 control stations in 1 hour, 51 minutes, 51 seconds. Brown clocked 3:12:15.

Long Mountain-O, 11 kilometers, 10 controls

Men -- 1) Ian Moore, 1:51:51; 2) Trond Flagstad, 2:00:14; 3) Bill Spencer, 2:28:10; 4) Regan Sarwas, 2:33:46; 5) Mike Robinson, 2:50:23.

Team -- 1) Jeremy Crawford and Peter Oswald, 2:26:31.

Women -- 1) Ellyn Brown, 3:12:15.

Abridged Long Mountain-O

(skip 2 controls of your choice), 11-K, 8 controls

Men -- 1) Steve Gruhn, 2:01:13; 2) Tom Livingston, 2:19:38; 3) Ivan Hodes, 3:02:38; 4) Robert Wagnon, 3:14:47.

Team -- 1) Julie Sharp-Dahl and Pauline Ruddy, 2:53:15; 2) John & Katie Weddleton, 2:58:50; 3) Nick & Anne Bruner, 3:05:26; 4) Erik & Misha Carlson, 3:30:44.

Short Mountain-O, 3.8-K, 8 controls

Team -- 1) Lori and Erin Sivitz, 55:49; 2) Linnea, Tobyn and Wendy Shaw, 1:08:56; 3) Team Orange Echo Lightning: Grady Kuijper, Kinkade Bell, Rowan, Gina & Harlow Robinson, 1:11:51; 4) Barbara Brown and Tim Wiepking, 1:16:32; 5) Patrick, Heidi, Grace, Rose and Lily Conway, 1:18:22; 6) Team Keller: Trudy, Lia, Kincaid and Duke, 1:26:46.

Women -- 1) Dela Grey, 56:56.

Abridged Short Mountain-O

(skip one control of your choice), 3.8-K, 7 controls

Men -- 1) Brian Durrell, 28:39; 2) Charles Machado, 34:22.

Team -- 1) Vebjorn Flagstad Quackenbush and Springer Moore, 1:38:17.

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