'Running' to feature legislative match-ups in primary elections

August 18, 2012 

"Running," a program featuring Southcentral candidates running for the Legislature in the Alaska Primary Election on Aug. 28, will air Monday-Thursday on KAKM Channel 7 and KSKA FM 1.1.

Host Michael Carey moderates the discussion with the candidates. Panelists include Daysha Eaton and Jill Burke. Air times are approximate, and schedules for additional match-ups will be published later this week.


7 p.m. -- House 6, Mat-Su, Eric Feige (R), George Rauscher (R), Jamey Duhamel (D)

7:30 p.m. -- Senate D, House 7, House 8, Willow, Houston, Palmer: Senate D: Mike Dunleavy (R), Linda Menard (R); House 7: Wes Keller (R), Roger Purcell (R); House 8: Daniel Hamm (R), Shelley Hughes (R)

9 p.m. -- Senate E, House 9, House 10, Greater Wasilla, Big Lake, Point McKenzie; Senate D: Charles Huggins (R), Susan Herman (D); House 9: Mark Ewing (R), Lynn Gattis (R), Blake Merrifield (D); House 10: Mark Neuman (R), Pam Rahn (D)


7 p.m. -- Senate F, House 11, House 12, Chugiak, Eagle River; Senate F: Fred Dyson (R), Martin Lindeke (D); House 11: Thomas Connelly (R), Bill Stoltze (R); House 12: Glen Eichenlaub (R), Dan Saddler (R)

8 p.m. -- Senate G, House 13, House 14, Elmendorf, East Anchorage; Senate G: Bob Roses (R), Bill Wielechowski (D); House 13: Gabrielle LeDoux (R), Hal Gazaway (D); House 14: Don Hadley (R), Max Gruenberg Jr. (D)


7 p.m. -- Senate H, House 15, House 16, Midtown, Spenard; Senate H: Clint Hess (R), Don Smith (R), Berta Gardner (D); House 15: Dick Traini (R), Andrew Josephson (D); House 16: Jimmy Crawford (R), Roman Romanovski (R), Hugh Brown III (D), Harriet Drummond (D)

8 p.m. -- Senate I, House 17, House 18, Mountain View, Downtown Anchorage; Senate I, Paul Kendall (R), Johnny Ellis (D); House 17: Cean Stevens (R), Geran Tarr (D), Cal Williams (D); House 18: Cris Eichenlaub, Jr. (R), Les Gara (D)

8:40 p.m. - Senate K, South Anchorage; Jeff Landfield (R), Lesil McGuire (R), Roselynn Cacy (D)


7 p.m. - Senate J, House 19, House 20, West Anchorage, Sand Lake; Senate J: Bob Bell (R), Liz Vazquez (R), Hollis French (D); House 19: Anand Dubey (R), Lindsey Holmes (D); House 20: Mia Costello (R), Tamara Von Gemmingen (R), Michelle Scannell (D)

8 p.m. - House 21, House 22 (Senate K), South Anchorage; House 21: Craig Johnson (R), Jodie Dominguez (D); House 22: Lisa Vaught (R), Chris Tuck (D)

8:10 p.m. - Senate L, House 23, House 24, South Anchorage; Senate L: Kevin Meyer (R), Jacob Hale (D); House 23: Bob Lynn (R), Lupe Marroquin (D); House 24: Charisse Millet (R), Patti Higgins (D)

8:25 p.m. - Senate M, House 25, House 26, Eagle River; Senate M: Anna Fairclough (R), Harry Crawford (D), Bettye Davis (D); House 25: Lance Pruitt (R), Lynette Moreno Hinz (D), Pete Petersen ( D); House 26: Lora Reinbold (R), Kim Skipper (R), Larry Wood (R), Roberta Goughnour (D)

10 p.m. - Senate N, House 27, House 28, South Anchorage, North Kenai; Senate N: Cathy Giessel (R), Joe Arness (R); House 27: Mike Hawker (R); House 28: Mike Chenault (R)

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