A look at some of the contested legislative primary races

Associated PressAugust 19, 2012 

A look at select legislative races appearing on the Aug. 28 primary ballot:

SENATE DISTRICT C, stretches from Fairbanks to Valdez, Republican primary

CANDIDATES: Click Bishop, David Eastman, Ralph Seekins

DETAILS: This race for an open seat has been the most expensive Senate primary in Alaska so far, with the bulk of the money being raised by Bishop and Seekins, a car dealer who's lent himself a considerable amount. Energy has been a big issue, including bringing a natural gas pipeline to fruition.


-- Bishop: "...to create, maintain and grow our economic base we need more affordable energy, and we needed it yesterday. Alaska can be an economic powerhouse if we have the will power and leadership to get there."

-- Eastman: "Statesmen devote themselves to the next generation. Politicians, on the other hand, are often distracted by the next election. I aspire to be a statesman."

-- Seekins: "In this natural resource-rich state, where Anchorage benefits from low-cost natural gas, we can't even afford to heat our homes and turn on our lights. That's just flat wrong!"

SENATE DISTRICT D, includes the greater Palmer and rural Matanuska-Susitna borough area, commonly called the Valley, Republican primary

CANDIDATES: Sen. Linda Menard, R-Wasilla, Mike Dunleavy

DETAILS: Dunleavy is seeking to upset the first-term senator, in a race in which both candidates have adopted the mantle "conservative." Dunleavy has also taken issue with Menard's involvement in the Senate's bipartisan coalition.


--Menard: "I'm pro-life, pro-family and pro-Valley. I am for the tenets of low taxes, minimal government regulation and personal liberty."

--Dunleavy: "My first commitment is to remain true to my core conservative values. I will work hard to guarantee the Valley's needs are recognized and addressed, unlike my opponent who joined a democratic led caucus which has enabled liberal Anchorage legislators to run the Senate."

SENATE DISTRICT K, Anchorage, Republican primary

CANDIDATES: Sen. Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage, Jeff Landfield

DETAILS: Both candidates want to find ways to get more oil into the trans-Alaska pipeline. McGuire hasn't been shy about making clear her ideas for accomplishing that, even if she's on the losing end of the argument. While oil is a concern for Landfield, his biggest issue is what he considers unsustainable government spending.


--McGuire: "I want another term because Alaska is at a place where she needs the kind of leadership I bring. I am a visionary and undeterred by hard work. I believe in action, and we need more of the kind of action I have shown in Cook Inlet and energy infrastructure now for the whole state."

--Landfield: "I want to see policies that encourage and incentivize the private sector to make investments in our state that employ Alaskans. What I do not want to see is radical and unsustainable growth of state government where we are forced to levy prohibitive taxes to pay for it."

SENATE DISTRICT M, parts of Anchorage and the Eagle River valley, Democratic primary

CANDIDATES: Sen. Bettye Davis, D-Anchorage, Harry Crawford

DETAILS: Crawford is seeking a return to the state Legislature, which he left as a representative in 2010 to challenge U.S. Rep. Don Young. The winner of this primary will face state Rep. Anna Fairclough, R-Eagle River, in November.


--Davis: "Making sure our kids have a great education, creating new jobs and lessening barriers to small businesses, and supporting our seniors and men and women in the military (there are many veterans in my family) remain my priorities."

--Crawford: "Alaska has the resources and the energy needed to power large scale industrial development. We are an energetic and resourceful people. We need leaders with the will to do the right things for Alaska."

SENATE DISTRICT O, ranges from Homer to Kenai and Soldotna; Republican primary

CANDIDATES: Sen. Tom Wagoner, R-Kenai, Soldotna Mayor Pete Micciche

DETAILS: This is one of the three contested Senate seats that will be decided in the primary.


--Wagoner: "A primary goal of mine in the upcoming session is to work with Gov. Parnell on oil and gas taxation that both stimulates our economy and provides for increased production. We must do something to fix the current problem - it's absolutely critical."

--Micciche: "Alaska's essential industries are dependent upon the continuation of responsible resource development, which require the removal of obstacles effectively discouraging economic development."

HOUSE DISTRICT 33, includes Ketchikan and Wrangell; Republican primary

CANDIDATES: Rep. Peggy Wilson, R-Wrangell, Patti Mackey, Agnes Moran

DETAILS: Redistricting put two sitting representatives, Wilson and Kyle Johansen, R-Ketchikan, in the same district. Johansen withdrew from the GOP primary and is seeking to get his name on the November ballot as an unaffiliated candidate.


--Wilson: "Mining has become a growing opportunity in southern Southeast and I will continue to work with other resource committee members to streamline this development process. I will fight to ensure that fisheries decisions are made based on science not politics."

Mackey: "When jobs exist, quality of life follows. Excellent schools, health care resources, recreation and cultural opportunities thrive when people are able to earn a living."

Source: Quotes taken from election pamphlet candidate statements except from McGuire's, which was from an email interview with The Associated Press.

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