APOC complaints filed over coastal zone initiative ads

Associated PressAugust 21, 2012 

JUNEAU -- The fight over Ballot Measure 2 has gotten messy, with each side accusing the other of campaign violations.

On Monday, the Alaska Public Offices Commission refused to give expedited consideration to an Alaska Sea Party complaint alleging the opposition group “Vote No on 2” aired ads without properly including in its narration the group’s top three donors. An attorney for Vote No on 2 said the ads had been fixed, and the commission decided instead to address the issue at a future meeting.

Vote No on 2 has also filed a complaint alleging the Alaska Sea Party did not include the audio tag in online and Facebook ads.

Ron Clarke, with the Alaska Sea Party, said the videos were pulled as soon as the group realized there was a problem and before it filed its complaint against the opposition.

Willis Lyford, a spokesman for Vote No on 2, said in an email Tuesday that his group did not seek expedited consideration of its complaint “because our lawyer’s view was that was a political stunt and that they had already moved to remove the offending ads, admitting they were in violation.”

Both sides also have filed complaints over whether the group names comply with state law.

The ballot measure would re-establish a coastal management program in Alaska. The issue will appear on next Tuesday’s ballot.

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