Bear attack leaves Ninilchik woman disoriented, lost for days

August 24, 2012 

A Ninilchik woman mauled by a bear not far from the home where she lives alone spent three nights and two days lost and disoriented before being discovered sitting on a road waiting for a rescue, reports the Homer News.

As the bear bit at her feet and legs, [Tony] Frazier-Scheffler fought back with a stick. "I poked it in the eye and it got off me. Then it bit me again," she said.Frazier-Scheffler continued to beat the animal with the only weapon she had, losing her eyeglasses and slippers during the struggle. Then the animal took off, leaving Frazier-Scheffler painfully wounded and dazed.

"It was pretty intense," she said of the fight.

Her problems weren't over, however. Following the encounter, Frazier-Scheffler was disoriented. She recalled wandering in the creek, crossing it and realizing she was lost.

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