Let political donations reduce the deficit

September 1, 2012 

While statesmanship and persuasion were once the high mark in politics, any movement in views or problem-solving with the other parties is now negated as "flip flopping" and the person can no longer be trusted. Politicians are thus rigidly locked into positions that cannot be changed by reason or compromise.

If the above assertions are close to true, why are we spending billions of dollars on political ads? No one trusts the adds. Few minds will be changed. By this time even the "true believers" are quite impatient with the "robo" calls, etc.

I suggest we need a new parameter for judging the best or at least the most truthful party.

Pick a subject they both assert they believe in, such a reducing the federal deficit. Let all political donations go to a fund to reduce the deficit on behalf of each party. The party with the most contributions toward that goal can assert that they are the party of true action behind their slogans and not just wind.

-- Bob Hammaker


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