Letter of the Week

September 1, 2012 

This week's winners are writers who expressed political anger with the gloves off but with clean punches.

Mike Mendonsa of Wasilla took issue with columnist Shannyn Moore in an Aug. 29 letter, in part:

"Ms. Moore as well as the rest of the main street media share blame for blindly creating this hope and change garbage in the first place. She and her ilk remind me of 'trotters' -- the horses racing around in left circles wearing blinders while being whipped from behind by a guy sitting in a chariot they either don't know or refuse to learn about." In an Aug. 31 letter, Peggy Maher of Bethel responded to Ann Romney's GOP convention speech on real moms. Her letter read, in part:

"The real moms of this country will cast their votes without the help of someone born into entitlement and still getting the message so wrong. Ann Romney needs to look up the definition of rhetoric. Real moms use their own words and write their own words."

So do real letter writers, and thanks to you all.

-- Frank Gerjevic

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