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September 1, 2012 

Wayne Anthony Ross, two-time candidate for governor and Alaska's shortest-term-ever attorney general, roped his wife of a zillion years into his campaigning with this button, which amused her. (If she was married to WAR, you know she had a sense of humor.) Barbara Ross, a very nice lady, died Monday.


KUDOS ... Ear has an attitude about loyalty oaths. They always come with a strong suggestion there will be things ahead that don't deserve your reasoned support.

So Election Ear was delighted to see Click Bishop win his Senate primary in Fairbanks. He refused to sign that Republican loyalty oath that made the rounds a while ago.

Way to go Fairbanks.

TOGETHER AGAIN? ... on the ballot, anyhow. Both members of the Love Caucus made it into the finals. Charisse Millett was unopposed Tuesday and Kyle Johansen got an OK from the Division of Elections to appear on the November ballot as an unaffiliated candidate. (Ketchikan Republicans made it clear they wouldn't support him, so he didn't run in the primary).

Since they're not a couple anymore, earwigs suspect they will choose to disband the Love Caucus come January and join more mainstream affiliations.

Alas. Like actual love, it was fun while it lasted.

A QUESTION ... Earwags are asking out loud if Tom Wagoner's big loss to Pete Micciche -- a 19 percent trouncing -- is directly attributable to the Peninsula Clarion ad with Gov. Parnell endorsing Wagoner.

Darlings, that's so naughty.

Since no Democrat is on the November ballot, we might as well start calling him Sen. Miccichi.

ON THE MOVE, BUT WHY ... Anyone know why Marc Luiken suddenly "resigned" as DOT commissioner? Nobody resigns a job like that without a reason and it's too late to run in this election.

Queries were referred to the governor's office, which had no meaningful comment. Earwigs who know a lot, but maybe not everything, say the Parnell folks have been "unhappy" with him for some time but if so, why?

Issues aside, the earish question is: Does the governor still rent his Anchorage digs from Luiken? Earwigs say Parnell stays there when in town. Awkward much?

ALSO MOVING ... Deborah Bitney, director of the PFD division, is leaving for a job with AHFC. Earwigs say it's so she can get in more family time. She's a Valley girl and Juneau is far, far away.

She'll be doing something in the rural division.

•Political operative and Deputy Commissioner of Commerce Curtis Thayer is now assistant commissioner of administration. Special Assistant Robbie Graham has taken his old job at Commerce.

MULTIPLE CHOICE ... Release of what may well be the last book ever written about Sarah Palin, due out last week (anniversary of her being named McCain's vice-prez), has been delayed until the end of this month. "Unlikely Liberal," by Matt Zencey, is being published by Potomac Books in Virginia.

Zencey, a former editorial page editor at the Daily News, knows how soon we forget, so he's put up a website to keep us amused -- with Sarah fact-or-fiction quizzes. Go ahead, test what you remember:

A NEW GREENIE? ... Perry Green and Carl Brady's sports bar in the California desert is open for business. Perry reports the "Rubini Salad" is one of the most popular items on the menu. Arugula and fennel. Yes, it's named after Anchorage developer Jon Rubini.

IT WAS SOOOOO BIG ... Alaska State Troopers. Aug. 28 report: "On 7-28-12, the Anchorage Daily News printed a picture in its newspaper showing Haakon K. Johnson (37 yoa from Anchorage) holding a 53 inch King Salmon out of the water on the Kenai River.

"The photograph was reported to have been taken on 7/18/12. At the time, the Kenai river was "catch and release" for king salmon unless the fish was over 55 inches in length (EO 2KS-1-37-12).

"At the request of the Soldotna Wildlife Troopers, Johnson was contacted by the Anchorage Wildlife Troopers, on 8/19/12, to confirm the accuracy of the information printed in the newspaper. After confirmation of the information, Johnson was cited for taking a king salmon during a closed season with bail set at $260 and failing to log the take of a king salmon immediately after landing with bail set at $110."

Question: Do we think Mr. Johnson regrets not lying about how big it was, like every other fisherman on Earth? After all, it probably shrank in that cold Kenai River water, right?

Compiled by Sheila Toomey Find Ear online Sunday night at Message Sheila at or 257-4329.

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