Service tops CIC XC-running ranks

Anchorage Daily News
September 7, 2012 

A pair of Service runners lead the Cook Inlet Cup standings as they head into Saturday's Big 8 cross country meet at Kincaid Park, where all of the city's public schools will compete in a 5-kilometer race. Jenette Northey tops the girls standings with 60 points, ahead of East's Grace Graham (50 points) and West's Rachel Roelle (59). Gilly Swzeda-Mittlestadt leads the boys with 54 points, followed by East's John Farr (46).

The Big 8 meet begins at 10 a.m. with open races. The girls varsity race is at 11:20 a.m. and the boys varsity race is at 11:50.

Cook Inlet Cup

Girls -- 1) Jenette Northey, Service, 60; 2) Grace Graham, East, 50; 3) Rachel Roelle, West, 49; 4) Katie Weddleton, West, 27; 5) Hannah Stevens, Eagle River, 24; 6) Amelia Hennessy, Dimond, 22; 7) Kayle Blackmore, West, 21; 8) Erica Heil, Dimond, 19; 9) tie, Ashlee Weller, South, and Acadia Graham, East, 16; 11) tie, Hannah Booher, Chugiak,and Sierra Richardson, Eagle River, 15; 13) Darby Judd, Dimond, 13; 14) tie, Alisa Aist, Service and Summer Frazier, Eagle River, 12.

Boys -- 1) Gilly Swzeda-Mittlestadt, Service, 54; 2) John Farr, East, 46; 3) David McPhetres, Chugiak, 39; 4) Spencer Mitton, South, 36; 5) Taylor Turney, Service, 34; 6) Lucas Schlemme, Service, 33; 7) Lucas Hepler, Service, 31; 8) Iain Perry, Dimond, 28; 9) Riley Howard, Service, 26; 10) Larkin Lynch, West, 18; 11) tie, Tim Sorenson, Chugiak and Garth Schulz, Service, 15; 13) Tre Washington, Service, 14; 14) tie, Max Dan, West, Derek Steele, South, and Edouard Seryozhenkov, South, 12.

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