Distracting strobe lights have no place on off-street trails

September 13, 2012 

I'm a bike commuter who uses the Coastal and Chester Creek trails as my route to and from work. I appreciate Anchorage's pedestrian trails as a safe and pleasant alternative to biking on or adjacent to roadways.

I also understand how important a good bike light, especially one with a strobe, is to alert motorists when I must cross intersections and driveways. But my commute is becoming less pleasant because many bicyclists use their strobe light while they ride on pedestrian trails where there is no opportunity for an accident with a motor vehicle. I find strobe lights distracting, and on off-street pedestrian trails I fail to understand how a strobe light is useful.

While street biking, I use a strobe. But on off-street trails, I turn off the strobe or switch to a continuous light set to its lowest brightness. I share the trail with many users and I owe all a courtesy so that they may enjoy Anchorage's pedestrian trails. So, bike riders, please save your strobe for the street.

-- George Durner


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