If Muslims don't like our ways, then we should leave them be

September 19, 2012 

Sean Wiederholt got it half right in "Get out of the Middle East or bomb them" (Letters, Sept. 13). Though talk of murdering a few million people is ridiculous, disassociating ourselves from the Muslim world is not.

The vast majority of Muslims may well not condone the violence that has erupted all over the world in response to a foolish video, but the sad fact remains that almost nowhere in the Muslim world has anyone denounced the recent rioting and murder.

The simple truth is that freedom of speech and religion is as repugnant to most in that society as their lock-step adherence to violent religious dogma is to most Americans. The two cultures have such fundamental differences that they will forever be incompatible, and we would be smart to leave them to themselves.

Muslims in this country, as well as all others, would be free to worship as they please and anyone who can't tolerate our society because they find religious freedom evil would be free to leave.

-- Paul Richards


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