Past CIC cross country champions

September 22, 2012 

Year Boys Girls

2012 John Farr, East Rachel Roelle, West

2011 Max Romey, Service Lydia Blanchet, West

2010 Silas Talbot, Service Jenette Northey, Dimond

2009 Jani Lane, Service Amelia Hennessy, Dimond

2008 Aaron Fletcher, South Esther Kennedy, Service

2007 Aaron Fletcher, South Letitia Luch, West

2006 Aaron Fletcher, South Shoshana Keegan, West

2005 David Bondi, South Shoshana Keegan, West

2004 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak Kendra Kennedy, Service

2003 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak Katelyn Stearns, East

2002 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak Kris Smith, West

2001 Ted O'Reilly, Service Kris Smith, West

2000 Sean McMahon, East Kikkan Randall, East

1999 Seth Chappel, East Darcy Dugan, Dimond

1998 Seth Chappel, East Darcy Dugan, Dimond

1997 John Angst, West Darcy Dugan, Dimond

1996 John Angst, West Darcy Dugan, Dimond

1995 Jim Settle, West Kate Galbraith, Service

1994 Laird Prosser, Dimond Kate Galbraith, Service

1993 Miguel Gomez, West Cynthia Morman, Chugiak

1992 Miguel Gomez, West Kaarin Knudson, Dimond

1991 Miguel Gomez, West Maylen Prosser, Dimond

1990 Jake Bartholomy, Bartlett Maylen Prosser, Dimond

1989 Jake Bartholomy, Bartlett Jenny Schlife, Service

1988 Richard Lee, Chugiak Shannon Hanson, Chugiak

1987 David Morris, Chugiak Nina Kemppel, West

1986 Rob Carter, Bartlett Cheri Jones, Bartlett

1985 Brad Carmen, Dimond Nina Kemppel, West

1984 Doug Herron, Bartlett Nina Kemppel, West

1983 Doug Herron, Bartlett Julie Reisenger, West

1982 Doug Herron, Bartlett Julie Reisenger, West

1981 Bill Locke, West Robin Wright, East

1980 Grant Walker, Dimond Dede Hathhorn, Dimond

1979 Mike Graham, Bartlett Dede Hathhorn, Dimond

1978 Gregg Cress, Dimond Dede Hathhorn, Dimond

1977 Rick McGuire, Service Betsy Haines, East

1976 Joe Kronk, Bartlett Betsy Haines, East

1975 Robin Rader, East Betsy Haines, East

1974 Don Clary, East Allison Rudd, Service

1973 Don Clary, East Michelle Trembley, Service

1972 Don Clary, East Ann Thomas, Dimond

Past CIC cross country champions

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