Why you should take a trip to Fairbanks - in any season

September 26, 2012 

Fairbanks blogger Anne Kristoff compiles the charms of her city for USA Today readers -- and her list of attractions will also come in handy for anyone in Southcentral who has never ventured north of Denali National Park.

When I tell people I split my time between New York City and Fairbanks, I'm often hit with a barrage of myth-busting questions. No, we don't live in an igloo. No, it's not dark 24 hours a day during the winter. (That's Barrow). No, it's not the town with the vampires. (Also Barrow). And yes, your grandmother's Alaskan cruise trip most likely ended here. ... But the people are welcoming, smart and self-reliant, and the city has a robust local arts scene, lots to do year-round, and its fair share of (pop) cultural touchstones.

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