Flagstad, Grey win orienteering meet

September 27, 2012 

Trond Flagstad and Dela Grey posted individual wins Wednesday in the Arctic Orienteering Club's Night-O meet at Alaska Pacific University, where 35 competitors braved wet conditions.

Flagstad scored 560 of a possible 700 points in the 28-control course to win the men's division. Grey won the women's division with 350 points. Brad Cruz and Trond Jensen won the team competition with 480 points.

Wednesday's Night-O results

Men -- 1) Trond Flagstad, 560; 2) Regan Sarwas, 460; 3) Bill Johnson, 440; 4) Steve Gruhn, 420; 5) Brian Durell, 400; 6) Eric Follett, 390; 7) Greg Galanos, 320; 8) Dwight Iverson, 280; 9) Tim Wigpking, 170; 10) Brian Delbecq, 90. Women -- 1) Dela Grey, 350; 2) Jennifer Harmon, 100. Teams -- 1) Brad Cruz and Trond Jensen, 480; 2) Mike Robinson and Ruth Kvernplassen, 390; 3) Libby Kugel, Elizabeth Knapp, Erin Turnock and Jaime Bronga, 380; 4) Vern Randall and Angela Randall, 380; 5) Margaret Hillhouse and Diane Ramey, 330: 6) Anna Badyoczek, Becky Hoke, Karen Ramey and Ginger Kane, 290; 7) Joe Meehan and Terri Pauls, 270; 8) Drew Dekreon and Charese Gearheart-Dekreon, 250; 9) Anne Leggett and Leandra Cleveland, 110.

-- Anchorage Daily News


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