Top seeds advance at CIC tennis tournament

September 27, 2012 

There were no upsets in the round of 16 Thursday at the Cook Inlet Conference tennis tournament at The Alaska Club North.

Second-seeded Eddie Lewis of South, the highest seeded to play in boys singles, won his match in straight sets. West's third-seeded Elana Fortson was the highest seeded in girls singles and she also won in straight sets.

The region's top-seeded singles players -- Reed Lekander for the boys and Whitney Williams for the girls -- are in action Friday when the tournament continues.

Cook Inlet Conference tennis tournament

The Alaska Club North

Thursday's round of 16

Team scores -- 1) (tie) West; Dimond, 5; 3) (tie) South; Service; Chugiak, 4; 6) East, 3; 7) (tie) Eagle River; Bartlett, 0.

Boys Doubles -- Skyler Fullmer/James Marchlinski, Chugiak def. Sean Breslin/Kwan Lee, Bartlett, 6-1; 6-0; Daniel Bozone/Josh Keller, Chugiak def. Dan Mclain/Eli Mullins, Eagle River 6-4; 6-4; Clayton Nadon/Jack Sedor, Dimond def. Wesley Bennice/Jacob Klaaymeyer, Eagle River, 5-7; 6-4; 14-12; Chas Anderson/Seneca Scott, West def. Kiefer Davis/Daniel Frentzel, South 6-2; 6-4; William Kim/Jesse Wight-Crask, East def. Christian Morgan/Matthew Stone, Service 6-4; 0-6; 10-8; John Gutsch/Keenan Hodges, West def. Jason Hsi/Jun Lee, Dimond 6-4; 6-2.

Boys Singles -- Nathan Rabang, Service, def. Wyat Warfield, East, 7-5; 6-1; Rayce Carey, Service def. Quinn Hulse, Eagle River, 6-3; 6-1; Eddie Lewis, South def. Chris Chiu, East 6-0; 6-1; Max Haines, Chugiak def. Jerry Vongkath, Bartlett 6-0; 6-0; Cole Fox, Dimond def. Alex Wong, West 6-0; 6-1; Kyle Stone, Dimond def. Ryan Casey, Eagle River 4-6; 6-3; 10-5; Justin Wolfe, South def. Nate House, Chugiak 6-0; 6-1.

Girls Doubles -- Madeline Boslough/Alli Haynes, West def. Mary Stone/Karolena Williams, Eagle River 6-2; 6-0; Megan Ahn/Savana Hartley, Dimond def. Kristianna Coburn/Brianna Lundberg, Chugiak 6-0; 6-3; Kelsey Lindahl/Sarada Prasad, Service def. Cheryl Anspach/Jessica Romero, Bartlett 6-0; 6-1; Palden Flynn/Zoey Flynn, South def. Mei Hui/Kiana Mitchell, Bartlett 6-0; 6-0; Katrina Brown/Grace Weinsteinm, West def. Rachel Juliussen/Megan Lillis, Service 6-0; 6-0; Kathryn Hoke/Felicia Krieter, East def. Dana Bernhardt/Hannah Spainhower, Eagle River 6-0; 6-1.

Girls Singles -- Keelah Fisher, East def. Anna Kozyrenko, Service 7-6; 3-6; 10-4; Tasha Boyer, Chugiak def. Emily Carey, Dimond 6-3; 7-5; Hannah Hansmeier, South def. Kelsey Metcalf, Chugiak 6-4; 7-5; Elana Fortson, West def. Kristena Steinmann, Eagle River 6-1; 6-0; Madison Chan, Dimond def. Abigail McDiffett, East 6-2; 6-4; Huiling Zhao, Service def. Claire Bottini, Eagle River 6-3; 6-1.

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