'Freaked out' black bear gets trapped in Ketchikan home

ldemer@adn.comOctober 21, 2012 

An adult black bear became trapped on Saturday in the Arctic entryway of this home on the North Tongass Highway in Ketchikan. A trooper used a long board to knock the door partly open, and the bear was able to get out.


A black bear sneaked inside a Ketchikan home Saturday morning and was trapped in the arctic entryway for a time, Alaska State Troopers said.

The homeowner called troopers just after 7:30 a.m. to report the bear inside the home, near Mile 12 of the North Tongass Highway. Troopers aren't releasing the homeowner's name.

Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers went to the residence. They found that a large boar was trapped inside the entryway. The outside door was left unsecured during the night and food in the entry hall attracted the bear, troopers said.

Inside the entry, the bear immediately knocked over a trash can, which lodged against the door and confined it there, said Beth Ipsen, trooper spokeswoman.

"He freaked out and knocked over a freezer as well," Ipsen wrote in an e-mail. "He tried clawing and biting his way out of the windows. The windows are fine, but the wood around (them) is scraped up."

One of the troopers hit the door with a 10-foot long, 2 by 6, board, which opened it just enough for the bear to work it open even more from the inside -- and get out, Ipsen said.

The bear didn't eat anything and was intent on exiting fast, so troopers don't think it will be a repeat troublemaker.

"We hope it learned its lesson," she said.

The damage amounts to about $1,000, troopers said.

Troopers reminded residents that doors should be kept locked and food and trash should be stored in a way that doesn't attract wildlife.


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