TV food show takes a tour of Fourth Avenue

Posted by Matt Sullivan on November 16, 2012 

Nane's Pelmenis Russian Dumplings is at 410 W. Fourth Ave.


"Chuck's Eat the Street" is a Cooking Channel program that highlights the food found on some of America's most famous streets. Next week's episode is dubbed "Food With a View," and takes a romp down Fourth Avenue in downtown Anchorage.

Previous episodes have taped in places like San Francisco, Philadelphia and Memphis, Tenn. In Anchorage, Host Chuck Hughes sampled some of the familiar staples associated with Alaska, hitting up Fio's Reindeer Sausage and visiting chef Reuben Gerber for salmon from the Crow's Nest (interviewed here). Farther east on Fourth, Hughes tried the Russian dumplings at Nane's Pelmenis (reviewed here). And while she's certainly isn't relegated to Fourth Avenue, Kait Reiley makes an appearance on her bicycle, aka PopCycle -- a popsicle stand on two wheels (profiled here).

The episode debuts 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on the Cooking Channel, which is available on Direct TV and Dish, but not on GCI cable.

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