UAF outraces UAA again

November 17, 2012 

uaa skiing

UAF outraces UAA again

UAA skiers failed to keep pace with UAF skiers for the second straight day at the Alaska Nordic Cup at the Birch Hill Ski Area in Fairbanks.

As it did Friday, UAF captured victory in the men's and women's classic events, with the women again sweeping the podium for a perfect 15 points. UAF holds a 54-30 lead heading into Sunday's final day of racing.

UAA made its best showing in the men's race, a 7.5-kilometer classic mass start won by UAF's Logan Hanneman in 22 minutes, 15.2 seconds. UAA's Viktor Braennmark (22:19.6) and Lasse Moelgaard (22:22.0) weren't too far behind in second and third, respectively.

Five Nanooks finished ahead of the fastest UAA woman, with Raphaela Sieber winning the 5-K race in 17:05.2 seconds. Rebecca Konieczny was second in 17:12.5.

UAF outscored UAA 26-16 on the day and leads 54-30 after two days.

Women's 5-kilometer classic

1) Raphaela Sieber, UAF, 17:05.2; 2) Rebecca Konieczny, UAF, 17:12.5; 3) Marit Rjabov, UAF, 17:28.8; 4) Heather Edic, UAF, 17:30.5; 5) Alyson McPhetres, UAF, 17:31.1; 6) Marine Dusser, UAA, 17:38.2; 7) Heidi Brook, UAF, 17:48.6; 8) Patricia Sprecher, UAA, 17:57.1; 9) Julia Ebner, UAF, 17:59.0; 10) Karina Smith, UAA, 18:04.4; 11) Kryston McPhetres, UAF, 18:24.1; 12) Maya Radonich, UAA, 18:24.7; 13) Theresia Schnurr, UAF, 18:34.8; 14) Crystal Pitney, UAF, 18:38.2; 15) Cara McCulloch, UAA, 18:41.0.

Men's 7.5-K classic

1) Logan Hanneman, UAF, 22:16.2; 2) Viktor Braennmark, UAA, 22:19.6; 3) Lasse Moelgaard, UAA, 22:22.0; 4) Tyler Kornfield, UAF, 22:23.2; 5) Jonas Loeffler, UAF, 22:24.6; 6) Lukas Ebner, UAA, 22:25.9; 7) Ian Wilkinson, UAF, 22:32.1; 8) Lex Treinen, UAF, 22:53.7; 9) Michael Fehrenbach, UAF, 22:56.7; 10) Max Olex, UAF, 22:58.4; 11) Stefan Hajdukovich, UAF, 23:03.0; 12) Galen Johnston, UAA, 23:12.0; 13) tie, Lars Arneson, UAF, and Davis Dunlap, UAA, 23:12.5; 15) Andrew Arnold, UAF, 23:38.0; 16) Kenneth Brewer, UAF, 23:42.0; 17) John Glen, UAA, 24:20.4; 18) Wyatt Mayo, UAF, 24:47.3; 19) Brandon Brewster, UAA, 25:20.6.

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