AWAIC plans for new downtown resource center

mtheriault@adn.comDecember 5, 2012 

Abused Women's Aid In Crisis, known as AWAIC, will be building a new downtown resource center on land donated by the Hickel Investment Company, the organization said Wednesday.

The company is giving the organization, which helps victims of domestic violence, a lot located at 619 E. Fifth Ave. The land is across the street from the Wells Fargo bank and Dami Japanese Restaurant on the east end of downtown.

AWAIC plans to use the land to create a "job development center" that will include a more efficient space for community donations and more office space.

AWAIC hasn't before had the space to manage the volume of donations it receives from the community well, executive director Suzi Pearson said in a release.

The building that's currently at 619 E. Fifth Ave. is unsafe to occupy, AWAIC said. Roger Hickel Contracting will cover costs of demolishing the building.

The new building will be designed by kpb Architects.

AWAIC's main location is at 100 W. 13th Avenue.

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