UAA skiers win FIS slalom at Alyeska

December 7, 2012 

Photo by Bob EastaughAndreas Adde won the men's slalom today at Alyeska, December 7, 2012.

— UAA's Anna Berecz won for the second straight day Friday at the Alaska Best Water FIS slalom series at Alyeska Ski Resort, winning the women's event by nearly five seconds.

Berecz finished two runs in 2 minutes, .24 seconds, followed by UAA's Ida Steien Bjerka (2:05.07) in second and Sarah Gezon (2:06.36) in third.

In the men's race, UAA's Andreas Adde, a past NCAA slalom champion, returned to winning form. The Norwegian finished two runs in 1:49.25, just .71 seconds in front of UAA's James Schindler (1:49.96). Cam Brewington, who finished second in Thursday's slalom, was third at 1:50.85.

Friday's two lower bowl courses, with 61 and 60 gates, were substantially longer than Thursday's race trail courses, which had 45 and 46 gates. Run times were also much longer. Berecz' two-run time Friday was nearly 37 seconds longer than Thursday's.

The lower bowl course contained a few surprises as well. The men's first run began in chaos, as five of the first seven men blew out in an awkward gate that contained a hard-to-see depression. The race jury, worried about racer safety, stopped the race, reset the gate, and restarted the entire men's field.

Alaska Best Water FIS

Friday's slalom results

Alyeska Ski Resort

Men (two-run combined time) -- 1) Andreas Adde, 1:49.25; 2) James Schindler, 1:49.96; 3) Cam Brewington, 1:50.85; 4) Halfdan Falkum-Hansen, 1:51.63; 5) Danny Fowler, 1:53.00; 6) Brian Mangiacotti, 1:53.73; 7) Trevor Lennox, 1:53.87; 8) Keith McNabb, 1:54.26; 9) Cameron Price, 1:55.84; 10) Kazui Kusumi, 1:57.23; 11) Patrick Romano, 1:58.00; 12) Nicholas Crews, 2:00.10; 13) Lawrence Dickey, 2:00.18; 14) Johnathon Zilverberg, 2:04.04; 15) Mitchell Stone, 2:04.95; 16) Trent Balin, 2:04.99; 17) Riley Hunter, 2:05.52; 18) Andy Koefored, 2:20.53; 19) Hanson Urdahl, 2:21.50; 20) Christian Hanseler, 2:21.71; 21) Timothy Thornley, 2:24.56; 22) Sam Demers, 2:29.64; 23) Raymond Wessels, 2:31.89.

Women (two-run combined time) -- 1) Anna Berecz, 2:00.24; 2) Ida Steien Bjerka, 2:05.07; 3) Sara Gezon, 2:06.36; 4) Sarah Powell, 2:09.81; 5) Sarah Lundgren, 2:10.40; 6) Veronica Gaspar, 2:14.26; 7) Natasha Pawlak, 2:20.99; 8) Makaela Bielaski, 2:22.34; 9) Madison Mashburn, 2:27.06; 10) Stephanie Frey, 2:27.27; 11) Hannah Ingrim, 2:28.04.

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