Two ACDA Properties Sold in Mountain View

Posted on December 19, 2012 

Anchorage - Anchorage Community Development Authority recently sold a parcel on the corner of  Mt. View Drive and Klevin Street to the Anchorage Community Land Trust (ACLT). This property, known as the Hamburger House property, was purchased in 2007 by  ACDA and a deteriorated building was removed as part of a clean-up effort along Mt.  View Drive. ACLT will hold the property for future development that will enhance the  commercial activities along Mt. View Drive.

On September 7, 2012, ACDA closed the sale of another parcel containing two lots in Mountain View. Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) purchased the properties  and plans to build up to 80 units of rental housing for Anchorage families and seniors. The Wilhour Trust property, adjacent to the Glenn Square Shopping Center, was  purchased by ACDA in July 2006 as part of the clean-up efforts along Mt. View Drive. ACDA demolished two small warehouse buildings and cleaned up the contamination on  the property. ACDA received Frag Lot 14A Mountain View Development Subdivision as  part of the development of the Glenn Square Shopping Center in 2006. Together these  parcels comprised approximately 6.6 acres of B3 zoned property.

 “Our hope in purchasing and cleaning up these properties was that new development  would follow and enhance the Mountain View community,” said Executive Director, Ron  Pollock. “We are pleased to see that this is occurring.”



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