Domain name system solicitations baffle businesses

Posted on December 20, 2012 


 Alaskans Receive Obscuring Optional Offers


Anchorage, Alaska – Dec. 11, 2012 – Business owners and their employees report puzzling statements in the mail that appear to look like bills or invoices for Internet domain “cloud” services.


Since September 2012, Better Business Bureau has seen a sudden uptick in complaints on DNS Services or out of Vancouver, Wash. With 23 unanswered complaints, the company’s “Managed DNS Backup Business Services” mailings appear misleading to complainants. Despite disclaimers that it is, “ … not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due … ,” consumers say the statement dates, terms and account numbers make solicitations look like past-due bills.


BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington reminds recipients to:

-         Read the fine print.

-         Look for solicitation disclaimers that services are optional.

-         Check the books carefully or consult accounts payable staff; seek previous receipts or business agreements.

-         Train employees not to agree or disagree to purchases unless they have permission and educate them to recognize suspicious calls, emails and letters.

-         Research providers on the Internet. Use to check BBB Business Reviews or file complaints.

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