Alaska Communications Introduces Voice over Internet Service

Posted on December 20, 2012 

Alaska Communications Introduces Voice over Internet Service

New Service Helps Businesses Increase Sales and Reduce Costs


ANCHORAGE, Alaska  December 12, 2012 – Alaska Communications has introduced hosted Voice over Internet service for small businesses in Anchorage.  The new cloud-based phone system will help businesses increase sales, reduce costs and streamline operations. 


Voice over Internet offers greater connectivity and mobility in the workplace.  It gives businesses the tools to better connect, collaborate and deliver superior customer experience. It is ideal for any small business that wants all the modern phone services of a large enterprise without a large price tag.


“The way businesses connect with employees and customers is changing.  Voice over Internet is the latest generation of voice technology that gives customers what they want, increased mobility, more options for connecting, streamlined operations and one network for voice and data,” said Eric Lazo, Alaska Communications vice president of product and marketing.


“Alaska Communications’ Voice over Internet can transform businesses.  Employees can stay connected with customers and each other from just about anywhere, personalize their phone service and manage their voice features from their desktop without ever talking to an IT person.  It can increase sales by helping businesses never miss an opportunity with a client,” said Lazo.


Alaska Communications Voice over Internet includes business-class applications for mobile voice management and is available with broadband Internet service with unlimited data and no overage charges .  By combining voice and data networks, businesses also streamline operations, reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Popular features of Alaska Communications Voice over Internet:


  • Alaska Voice Mobile App for smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Customer web-portal administrator for do-it-yourself changes
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Music on Hold
  • Premium Auto Attendant
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Visual Voicemail

Alaska Communications Voice over Internet is available in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest market.  The company expects to expand service and will make announcements as it brings Voice over Internet service to more markets in Alaska.  Packages start at $190 per month and include two digital voice lines, two Cisco phones, Cisco business features, voicemail with web access, business Internet and free installation and set-up.


To learn more, visit, email us or call 1-800-808-8083.

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