Glossary to play Sitzmark in Girdwood

Posted by Matt Sullivan on December 21, 2012 



— Alyeska Resort has added a few Sitzmark shows to its calendar for the next few months, including former Salmonstock headliners Great American Taxi (Jan. 18-20), Celtic rockers Young Dubliners (Feb. 15 and 16) and the self-described “first Celtic pirate punk-folk rock band on the planet,” Potcheen (March 15-17). Those three are no strangers to Alaska, but making their first trip to the state is Tennessee-based Glossary, who will play the Sitz on Feb. 1 and 2.

Like I mentioned the first time Lucero played there, I went to school in Murfreesboro, which is home to what’s claimed to be the largest cedar bucket in the world and a monument marking the geographic center of the state of Tennessee. It’s also where Glossary got its start (the band happens to share guitarist Todd Beene with Lucero). 

My guess is a lot of Alaskans aren’t familiar with Glossary – or Murfreesboro – but for myself and most of the people I know who were going to shows there at the time, a common complaint is that Glossary never got its due. The band started out as an indie-rock outfit with a penchant for Southern rock-isms. Eventually Southern rock and country became the main entry points, and on 2010’s “Feral Fire,” the band had settled into something of a Thin Lizzy / E Street Band hybrid.

The latest album is “Long Live All of Us,” which is more of a country-soul record. It also spawned a couple funny videos. You can stream most of the band's catalog at


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