Greenwell, McDonough top Willow marathon

sports@adn.comDecember 26, 2012 

His head festooned with frost, Dugan Greenwell won the inaugural Willow Winter Solstice marathon, held Saturday in Willow in temperatures that dipped to nearly minus-30.

Greenwell completed the 26.2-mile course over mostly frozen lakes and swamps between the Willow Community Center and Red Shirt Lake in 4 hours, 8 minutes, 16 seconds.

Greenwell, a 34-year-old Anchorage man who won the Resurrection Pass 50-mile run last summer, posted a 15-minute win over second place Thomas Burton of Anchorage, a past winner of the Susitna 100.

In third place overall and tops among women was Anchorage's Laura McDonough, one of the most decorated ultra-runners in Alaska, who finished in 4:35:17.

Victories in the 13.1-mile half-marathon went to Derek Morgan (1:58:39) and Becky Maxwell (2:17:04).

The races were organized by the Willow Running Company, owned by long-time Willow distance runners Andrea Hambach and Dave Johnston. The group's next race is the No Canoe Loop 10-mile trail run on March 16.


Marathon results

1) Dugan Greenwell 4:08:16; 2) Thomas Burton 4:23:17; 3) Laura McDonough 4:41:07; 4) Thomas Luchsinger 4:46:50; 5) Shawn McTaggart 4:47:50; 6) Darrren Hull 5:02:08; 7) Ray Hafen 5:12:51; 8) Brandon Wood 5:12:51; 9) Tony Covarrubias 5:21:53; 10) Greg Veltcamp 5:27:38; 11) Jake Hammersley 5:29:51; 12) Steve Peterson 5:37:56; 13) Lizz Slabaugh 5:46:57.

Half-marathon results

1) Derek Morgan 1:58:39; 2) Alexander Heggen 2:01:48; 3) Mick Bakker 2:01:52; 4) Lowell Fair 2:13:20; 5) Becky Maxwell 2:17:04; 6) Jennifer Schrage 2:22:22; 7) Richard Barnhart 2:27:17; 8) Mike Morganson 2:34:32; 9) Keri Hull 2:34:40; 10) Lance Arnold 2:43:20; 11) Clark Fair 2:45:14; 12) Yvonne Leutwyler 2:45:14; 13) DeeDee Jonrowe 2:53:56; 14) Robert Lynn 3:18:08; 15) John Polleys 3:18:10.







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