The ADN's most viewed stories and photo galleries in 2012

Anchorage Daily News / adn.comDecember 29, 2012 

Katie Writer prepares to give retired sled dog Abby a ride to the house in flooded Talkeetna as her husband Tod Marder steadies the windsurfing board on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012.

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Here were the most-viewed stories and photo galleries on in 2012:



1. Texting woman rescued after fall off Kodiak cliff

2. San Diego man dies in Denali grizzly attack

3. Hotel shooting suspect admits to crime spree

4. Video shows missing barista was abducted

5. Police: Koenig's body found in Matanuska Lake

6. Father, son charged following nude street brawl, police say

7. Kilcher family gets own reality show; it debuts Thursday

8. Texas arrest linked to disappearance of Samantha Koenig

9. Details emerge about man in Koenig case

10. Law enforcement agencies release new details of abduction, slaying of Samantha Koenig


1. 2011/12 Alaska winter

2. January Valdez snowstorm

3. Cordova snowstorm

4. 2012 Moose sightings

5. September wind storm

6. 2012 Bear sightings

7. 2012 Aurora Boreali

8. Alaska Wildlife sightings

9. Tatoos

10. Alaska cabins


1. September wind storm

2. Talkeetna flooding

3. Alaska State Fair

4. Alyeska Slush Cup

5. Iditarod Ceremonial Start

6. Mount Marathon 2012

7. Special Olympics Polar Plunge

8. Alaska Run for Women

9. Clearing Valdez snow

10. Merrill Field Inn shooting

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