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January 12, 2013 

Kimmick Come Home

Written and illustrated by Beverly Stevens (Kimmick Publishing, $10.95)

The blurb: The children's book is about a young puppy that runs away from home because she thinks she's too funny looking. She wants to be a famous sled dog like her mom.

Excerpt: "My name is Kimmick and I am a romp'n, stomp'n, curious puppy.

Ever since I was born, people told me and my brothers and sisters that we would grow up to be the fastest sled dogs around! I knew that we would all be champion sled dogs just like our Mom, because she told me so.

One day I saw a strange puppy looking at me from the wall.

I wanted to play! I sat down and the puppy sat down. I wagged my tail and the puppy wagged its tail.

I even tried to give it a kiss. Wait!

That puppy is me staring back from the mirror hanging on the wall."

Gubby Builds a Boat

By Kim La Fave and Gary Kent (Harbour Publishing, $19.95)

The blurb: The second children's book about Gubby, the salmon fisherman, his nephew and his cat Puss, who are heading home to British Columbia when their boat begins taking on water. After a trip to Grumpy Bob's shop, they learn they need to build a new boat.

Excerpt: " 'Whew, this boat building business is hard work!'

After many months of hard work, the new boat is almost finished. But there are a few more important things to do before Gubby's wife Millie arrives for the big launch day.

Suki has the privilege of painting the name on the stern of the boat. A net guard protects the net from getting tangled in the propeller. A silver dollar is placed under the mast for good luck. Hydraulic hoses help steer the boat and make the net drum turn. A radar will keep Gubby safe in the fog.

It's the big day! Millie breaks the bottle of champagne on the bow of the Flounder too. Everyone cheers as the new boat splashes into the water."

Compiled by Matt Sullivan, Anchorage Daily News

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