Anchorage Music Co-op has a new home

Posted by Chad Walker on January 16, 2013 

Big Fat Buddha



The Anchorage Music Co-op formed a year ago and started the Artist Showcase Series, offering music created by Alaskans to audiences of all ages. "Anchorage has a happening music scene right now" said Laura Oden, a co-founder of the organization, which looks to combine "the best musicians with a small venue to create a listening room unique in Anchorage."

Last year the music was at the Out North Contemporary Art House, which put locals like Evan Phillips, Meg Mackey and Hot Club of Nunaka on stage. After a two-month break, the co-op is moving to a new venue, Fiori D'Italia's Quonset hut (formerly the Garden of Eatin), located at 2502 McRae Road in Spenard, which will accommodate more nights of music. The organization is also looking to start an open mic night and hopes to book musicians from outside of Alaska.
With the new venue, the co-op still tries to maintain a small, intimate setting.

"The Lower 48 is strewn with small venues that draw an audience because they're the opposite of a bar scene," said Oden. "These listening rooms are the places where the best musicians want to play."

The new venue will host the co-op’s first artist showcase of the season on Jan. 25 as part of the Anchorage Folk Festival, with Big Fat Buddha unplugged, performing at 7 p.m. for free.
Recordings of past Artist Showcase performances broadcast occasionally on KONR 106.1 FM, and you can watch videos of past shows on the Anchorage Music Co-op's YouTube page

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