Corrections (1/16)

Anchorage Daily NewsJanuary 16, 2013 

In a story on Wednesday's front page about Tuesday night's Anchorage Assembly public hearing on changes to Anchorage's land-use code, David Landry was quoted as saying he is excited about Title 21. He clarified later that he supports the version the Assembly adopted provisionally, chapter by chapter, between 2007 and 2010. That version is more restrictive than the version currently on the table.


A story on page A-3 Wednesday said the Assembly voted by secret ballot for the appointment of new West Anchorage Assembly member Cheryl Frasca. The vote was by paper ballot and is not secret. Assembly members Adam Trombley, Chris Birch, Ernie Hall, Jennifer Johnston, Debbie Ossiander and Bill Starr supported Frasca. Patrick Flynn and Dick Traini voted for Gordon Glaser. Elvi Gray-Jackson and Paul Honeman voted for Matt Claman.


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