What to know before the bridal show

Posted on January 18, 2013 


Say “I Don’t” to Worst-Case Wedding Scenarios


Anchorage, Alaska – Jan. 18, 2013 – Couples with nuptials, beware! Bridal shows are great for gathering fun ideas and meeting qualified industry professionals, but Better Business Bureau warns that not all participants are worth the commitment.


BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington identifies worst-case wedding scenarios:


* “No-shows” fail to follow-through on projects and appointments—or worse—the big day.

“Price gougers” upsell more expensive packages or add on last-minute undisclosed fees.

“Boasters” embellish qualifications and quality, but deliver poor results.

“Shoddy shippers” mail incorrect orders or don’t send products on schedule.

“Closers” won’t answer phone calls or respond to emails; locations or boutiques shut down without notice or refunds.


Watch for warning signs or exhibitors who:

-         Have crude or makeshift displays.

-         Do not have work samples, portfolios or photos.

-         Can’t supply verifiable references of previous clients.

-         Use high pressure tactics and false-urgency waitlists.

-         Have negative online reviews and unresolved complaints with BBB.

-         Are not properly registered to do business in the state.

-         Have limited contact information and don’t have business cards, websites or other collateral.

-         Refuse to offer pricing sheets or have inconsistent rates on marketing materials.

-         Fail to provide cost breakdowns on products, services and labor.

-         Won’t provide full details on contracts—such as locations, delivery dates, fee schedules and cancellation policies.

-         Demand full upfront payments on expensive services or reservations.

-         Only accept cash and can’t provide receipts or confirmation numbers.


Find BBB Business Reviews before selecting those special service providers, and if needed, file complaints at bbb.org.

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