Chugiak High School Football Program Protects Players’ Most Valuable Asset

Posted on February 7, 2013 

Chugiak High School Football Program Protects Players’ Most Valuable Asset
CHUGIAK, Alaska -- With the prominence of concussions in high school football games, Chugiak High School is making an effort to protect its players the best way it can – the booster club is purchasing 100 new Riddell 360 Football Helmets, known as the premier concussion prevention head protection available today.
The school district has implemented concussion baseline tests to more easily determine if a player has experienced a concussion, but the booster club wants to take a step further and prevent as many as possible.
With a pretty hefty price tag at $300 per helmet, the organization is attempting a new fundraising method, Adopt-A-Helmet. If any individual or organization is willing to adopt a player and sponsor them in the purchasing of a new helmet, the organization will provide both tax deductible information and other forms of acknowledgment throughout the upcoming season and beyond, including a mention in the program and on the website. Additionally, sponsors will be listed on signage at the Chugiak High Tom Huffer Sr. stadium throughout the season.  If you want to help out, but can’t afford the full adoption fee, they welcome any donation of any value – it all helps in the goal to protect the players.
The safety of our children is of utmost concern, and so much is gained by being involved in a high school organized sport. It is worth the investment to keep our kids safe. 
Please contact Chugiak Football Head Coach Duncan Shackelford for more information at 907-230-9356 or email

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