Long Term Fiscal Stability for Alaska

Posted on February 21, 2013 


 Wednesday, February 27

 Dena'ina Center

 Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Commonwealth North is pleased to welcome Scott Goldsmith, Emeritus Professor of Economics, with the UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research; Cheryl Frasca, Executive Director of Education Matters, Inc. and Former Director of the Alaska Office of Management and Budget; and Eric Wohlforth, Attorney at Wohlforth, Johnson, Brecht, Cartledge & Brooking, to provide a presentation to the Commonwealth North membership and guests on their most current efforts to educate Alaskans on the State's opportunities to ensure a fiscally sound future.

Professor Goldsmith will provide a detailed presentation of his most current work, Maximum Sustainable Yield: Wealth Management for the Owner State, prepared for ISER's Investing for Alaska's Future research initiative. His work analyzes the State of Alaska's ability to sustain current spending levels, and what could be done if the state is to avoid a major fiscal and economic crisis.

Cheryl Frasca and Eric Wohlforth will present the findings of a Commonwealth North Study that began in August 2012 and resulted in a report available for the first time at this program. For over twenty years, Commonwealth North has been leading an effort to study, highlight, and identify challenges and opportunities in Alaska's fiscal environment. The consistent determination, from a diverse cross section of study participants over the years, is that a sustainable long-range fiscal policy is necessary for Alaska to maintain its strong financial position for generations to come. 

Register at http://www.commonwealthnorth.org.


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