Single block ice carving winners

Posted on March 5, 2013 

The winners of the Single Block categories in the 2013 BP World Ice Art Championships were announced this weekend at the George Horner Ice Art Park in Fairbanks with the top teams led by veterans Junichi Nakamura of Japan and Vitaly Lednev of Russia.

Realistic Division

1. “Locust” by Junichi Nakamura and Shintaro Okamoto, Japan

2. “Lion King” by Victor Dagatan and Jim Duggan, USA

3. “Bullseye” by Steve Brice and Heather Brice, USA

4. “Awesome” by Zhe An and Chun He Zhang, USA

5. “Rascasse” by Mario Amegee and Jeff Moehlin, Monoco and USA

Abstract Division

1. “The Meteor Final Destination,” 1st Abstract, Vitaly Lednev and Sergei Loginov, Russia

2. “Visitor of the Sun“ by Tian Zue Wei and Ling Zhi Zhang, China

3. “Water and Fire” by Ivan Zuev and Eduard Ponomarenko, Russia

4. “New Life” by Qi Feng An and Di An, China

5. “Octopus Garden” by Bradley Groszkiewicz and Allan Bock, USA

In the Single Block competition teams of one or two artists receive a block of the prized “Blue Diamond” ice from a pond adjacent to the park. Each block measures 5 by 8 by 3 feet and weighs in excess of 7,000 pounds. 

The Multi Block competition, in which teams create giant sculptures from several blocks of the ice, is now underway. Winners will be announced at 8 p.m. on Saturday.



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