Aces attendance rose significantly this regular season

Posted by Doyle Woody, on March 17, 2013 

Now that the Alaska Aces have wrapped their 36-game ECHL home schedule for the regular season, we can check out the numbers on attendance -- at the numbers are up significantly over last season.

The Aces, who drew standing-room-only crowds of 6,599 in each of their last two home games over the weekend -- a 4-3 loss and a 2-0 loss, both to Idaho -- averaged 4,783 fans per game. That's an increase of 333 fans per game over last season's average of 4,450 -- that's a percentage increase of 7.5.

For what it's worth, here are the Aces' regular-season attendance averages for the last five seasons:

2012-13 -- 4,783

2011-12 -- 4,450

2010-11 -- 4,351

2009-10 -- 4,697

2008-09 -- 4,682

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