Alaska Communications Brings Carrier Ethernet 2.0 to Alaska

Posted on March 28, 2013 

Alaska Communications Brings Carrier Ethernet 2.0 to Alaska

Advanced Ethernet Services Benefit Alaska Businesses 

ANCHORAGE, Alaska-- Alaska Communications (NASDAQ:ALSK) Alaska's leading broadband solutions provider, today became the first company in Alaska and second in the U.S. to offer certified Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) services.

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), a global industry alliance that defines Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services, recognized Alaska Communications as a CE 2.0 service provider following its achievement of CE 2.0 certification. Alaska Communications is the third provider in the world to achieve CE 2.0 certification.

The certification means the company meets international standards for its business Ethernet services, making Alaska one of the best-connected business communities in the United States.

"The achievement of the CE 2.0 service providers is a testament to their commitment to outstanding delivery to the enterprise market. MEF CE 2.0 standards will enable enterprises to choose service providers with greater speed, clarity and certainty," said Nan Chen, MEF president.

CE 2.0 services offer major industries in Alaska like oil & gas, finance, resource development, healthcare, education and government the dedicated, reliable, secure networks needed to operate at peak performance.

"Our business customers have critical needs and require reliable, modern Ethernet services. We are excited to offer that with Carrier Ethernet 2.0, demonstrating our commitment and leadership in bringing world-class networking capabilities to Alaska," said Mike Todd, Alaska Communicationssenior vice president, customer operations.

CE 2.0 extends Carrier Ethernet with added features essential for carriers including multiple classes of service, greater manageability, easier interconnect for eight standard service types and greater mobile backhaul efficiency.

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