School Board candidate Q&A: What 3 things would you change about the School District?

March 28, 2013 

In the days leading up to the April 2 municipal election, we'll be publishing responses from School Board candidates to a range of questions. Read other questions at

Q: If you could change three things about the School District, what would they be (listing most important first)?

School Board Seat A

Bettye Davis: 1) Lower class sizes. 2) Add more school choices. 3) Preschool.

Don Smith: 1) We need to continue to improve our Career & Technical Education program. 2) Continue to expand our use of technology. 3) We need to make school boundary changes to better utilize our school facilities. Boundary changes could free up two or more schools that could be put to use by charter schools and other educational programs.

School Board Seat B

Stephanie Cornwell-George: 1) Empower staff to make decisions about how to best teach the kids in their schools. 2) Collaborate with other entities to meet the needs of our communities that impact a student's ability to learn. 3) Emphasize prevention rather then only intervention with the first step being Pre-K district-wide.

Eric Croft: 1) Parents fully involved in their child's education. 2) Students coming to school rested and well-fed, and 3) those same students leaving school knowing they will be safe until the next school day. All of us know that if we could snap our fingers and achieve these three things, we would make the job of educating our children much easier.

David Nees: Open enrollment, expansion of charter schools to meet demand, no more wait lists. Free transportation to any school parents want to their child to attend.

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