School Board Q&A: In one sentence, why are you running?

March 30, 2013 

In the days leading to the April 2 municipal election, we'll be publishing responses from School Board candidates to a range of questions. Read other questions at

Q: In one sentence, why are you running???

School Board Seat A

Bettye Davis: Education is my passion having spent my political life working to improve the lives of children.

Don Smith: To continue to make a difference in Anchorage. My family has been in Anchorage since 1915. I am a third generation Anchorage resident. My mother was the 8th child born in Anchorage (1916)

School Board Seat B

Stephanie Cornwell-George: To utilize my knowledge, experiences, and perspectives to bring a well rounded voice to the school board.

Eric Croft: I believe in the importance of public education and I have seen our schools and teachers do remarkable things for our children, but know we can do better.

David Nees: I feel I can help improve schools in Anchorage because of my teaching experience and knowledge. The district is adrift and needs to be brought back to it's only mission, educating all of Anchorages students. It is currently failing 30% of it's students (failure to graduate them)

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