School Board candidate Q&A: What's your best idea for improving academic performance in the ASD?

March 31, 2013 

In the days leading to Tuesday municipal election, we'll be publishing responses from School Board candidates to a range of questions. Read other questions at

Q: What is your one best idea for improving academic performance in the Anchorage School District?

School Board Seat A

Bettye Davis: Lowering class sizes.

Don Smith: We need to maintain our class sizes at current levels. This will be impossible if the ASD budget cuts continue.

School Board Seat B

Stephanie Cornwell-George: Empower neighborhood schools to work with parents, teachers and community to make decisions on how to best address the needs of their students and allow those teams to be responsible for suggestion improvements in their budgets

Eric Croft: School choice within the public school system. I was a strong supporter of charter schools in the Legislature because we do not have just one type of student. We need a variety of options to fit our student's individual needs. We have done a good job of encouraging charters schools and should continue this progress.

David Nees: Allow students and parents to vote with their feet. We must end neighborhood school requirements and allow open enrollment. Place letter grades outside of schools showing how they perform, just like in Florida.

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