Letter: Begich, Murkowski shun open dialogue, thoughtful debate

April 18, 2013 

Democratic Sen. Mark Begich voted against opening gun legislation debate. Of course he wasn’t alone in this with Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski voting the same way. 

They voted no to debate. Plain and simple. They refuse to discuss, with open minds, the possibilities that can happen when thoughtful, caring leaders come together to make change toward creating a better world.

Sixteen Republicans and two Independents joined 50 others who would not be associated with being obstructionists in this important discussion. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin have worked toward a nonpartisan agreement on background check expansion.

Our own Begich and Murkowski only further perpetuate the notion of red state-blue state, while others work together toward the belief of “these United States.” Democrat/Republican/Independent doesn’t matter as much to this voter as caring, “I’m not in the pocket of anyone” leaders who believe in open dialogue and thoughtful debate. Locally, nationally, globally — it’s time for an uprising of the people.

— Cheryl Childers


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