Letter: Some options that won’t step on rights of honest gun owners

April 19, 2013 

As the NRA has said, over and over again: “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Then why not support background checks to identify people who should not have a gun?

Background checks are not a form of gun control. Background checks are only an effort to make it harder for those who should not have guns to get them. Can they still get a gun? Yes. But it requires more work to do so.

Perhaps we should licence guns as we do our automobiles. When you transfer a gun to another person, you tear off the bottom tab of the title, fill in the name and address of the new owner, and mail it in. The new owner has 30 days to get a new registration. When the state receives the mailed-in tab, they can run a background check, and if that person does not pass, the police can then recover the weapon. 

None of the above actions affect the rights of stable, honest people from owning guns.

— Steven Lyons



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