Letter: Mom’s heart filled with thanks for compassion for injured daughter

AnchorageApril 21, 2013 

The article written by the ADN’s Casey Grove was truthful, tasteful and written with care. I want to thank Casey for his “kid gloves” approach with my daughter. Our entire family is pretty protective of Lory and have only allowed access to Lory that she is comfortable with.

Through this whole ordeal we have met many people from the press and not one of them has been anything but kind to my daughter.

My thanks to the two students, Zachary and Araya , who selflessly came to her aide, and Ken Schulz, who was out skiing that day and helped save her life. The list must include the AFD paramedics and the surgeons at ANMC who saved her life, and the nurses who took such good care of her afterwards.

Judge Wolverton and DA Clint Campion go on my hero list.

Nikki and all Lory’s friends at AWAIC have been supportive, and Lory’s volunteer work has been helping her heal. Words cannot express my sincere thanks to all of you.

 — Lynn Miebs,

proud mother of Lory Miebs,




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